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What IS STUDIO talks? 

Simply, Were a podcast that aims to make the art world accessible to anyone!


 Because we have personally spent years creating and schooling, doing our best to navigate the art world, and discover the best parts and find the savory moments that come along when you meet intelligent people, who are radically creative.

Together we might all just learn something and enjoy art a little bit more.

Its important for us to establish, theres no agenda here. Were not here to make you think feel or believe a certain facts or absolutes about what fine art is or what the art world consists of; Were much more interested in making you think, what does art mean to you? How does it impact you for the better, and how can you, me, us; share that with each other? 

Who is “we”?

Well I am glad you asked! Nice To Meet You!

Hey there, Im Ember de Boer

 My prerogative with art is to utilize intention and vison to create works that stimulate the conversation of the human condition. Obsessed with texture, exploring material, and reaching the expanse of concept through works that utilize broken glass as an extended metaphor for the psyche; just as you see a distorted sense of self in a broken mirror, the broken glass evokes reflection upon cognitive dissonance and its impact on individuality and ones own beliefs. 

   I am and Undergraduate student at California State University- Sacramento planning to graduate in fall of 2021 with a BFA in Sculpture and a minor in Philosophy. I previously received my Associates degree from Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas during the summer of 2018. I moved to Sacramento that fall, and have spent the last two years growing myself, my art, and exploring Northern California.

Hi, Im Grace Tutuhill

Grace Tuthill is a local Sacramento sculptural ceramic artist. Through her specialization in woodfired ceramics; Grace has found the importance of community, and the ever lasting impact that we have on one another through our artwork. Begging her artist journey at American River College and now a recent Spring 2021 graduate from California State University- Sacramento, Grace continues building her art practice by interning at Blue Line Arts this fall, running angama woodfires at the Art and Ecology Project at Cobb Mountain by Scott Parady, and her part time position at Alpha Fired Arts in the Carmichael area. Grace continues to explore concepts of autonomy, indirect influence, validation and connection.

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