01 Imposter Syndrome

      Join the hosts Ember de Boer and Grace Tuthill as they discuss what qualities a person must possess to take on the identity of being an artist. From vulnerability and expression, to intention and sharing one’s work with the public, Ember and Grace can agree on this, that to approach becoming an artist, one has to face their own humanity, have the courage to accept their imperfections and, choose to create regardless.


Meet The Hosts

    Meet Studio Talks: After Hours, host Ember de Boer and co-host Grace Tuthill as they embark on the beginning of this late night, Sacramento based artist podcast. In this episode, Ember and Grace speak about the importance of their late night studio conversations to their personal and professional development. Ember, born and raised in Kansas City, was classically trained in painting before finding her true love of sculpture. While Grace began her art practice as a form of self care that quickly became a lifelong obsession. Together, Ember and Grace try to lift up their fellow professional artists while learning from their unique perspectives on life, art, and how to live authentically as a creative.

Welcome to studio talks: after hours

A brief hello and welcome to our new late night art podcast! We hope you like what you hear, and look forward to sharing and exploring this new venture with you.

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